Background: Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery is one of the most efficient procedures for treating morbid obesity and results in weight-loss and improvements in metabolism and inflammation.

Objective: We examined the impact of RYGB on modifications of gut microbiota and its potential associations with changes in gene expression in white adipose tissue (WAT).

American Journal of Clincial Nutrition

Am J Clin Nutr December 2013 vol. 98  no. 6  1385-1394 


Authors: Ling-Chun Kong, Julien Tap, Judith Aron-Wisnewsky, Veronique Pelloux, Arnaud Basdevant, Jean-Luc Bouillot, Jean-Daniel Zucker, Joël Doré, and Karine Clément

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