Shoaie et al. describe a computational platform designed to elucidate the complex metabolic interactions between gut microbes, host, and diet. The model predictions are validated in humans and reveal how microbial gene richness and diet affect gut microbiota composition, as well as amino acid and SCFA levels.



  • Community And Systems-level INteractive Optimization

  • Modeling the effect of diet and gene richness on the gut

  • Revealing altered amino acid and SCFA levels after diet

Cell Metabolism, Volume 22, Issue 2, p320–331


Saeed Shoaie, Pouyan Ghaffari, Petia Kovatcheva-Datchary, Adil Mardinoglu, Partho Sen, Estelle Pujos-Guillot, , Catherine Juste, Salwa Rizkalla, Julien Chilloux, Lesley Hoyles, Jeremy K. Nicholson, MICRO-Obes Consortium, Joel Dore, Marc E. Dumas, Karine Clement, Fredrik Bäckhed, Jens Nielsen

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