Ludovica Marinelli from partner 2 INRA spent one week (15-19/02/16)  at partner 3 ICL collaboration with Dr Chilloux J. from ICL.  

The aim of this fellowship was to study cholinemetabolism and AhR activation by the intestinal microbiota based on the samples that had been submitted to HNMR analysis at Imperial College London (ICL) in November 2015.

In exchange Dr. Chilloux from ICL spent one week at INRA in May 2016 working on the topic "Screening of hippurate and its precursors on several reporter assays".

Both fellows presented their results  presented at the consortium meeting in Göteborg in October 2016 and a report was also produced for each fellowship.


Dr. Marinelli presenting her results at the MetaCardis consortium meeting in Gothenburg, October 2016.


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