The MetaCardis consortium supports the exchange of early-stage researchers between partner laboratories through the implementation of short-term travel fellowships. Earlier this year, Danone Research and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, were awarded with a fellowship on the topic of 'Algorithms and dietary intakes'.

Saeed Shoaie, a doctoral student with a focus on systems biology of gut microbiota working under the supervision of Professor Jens Nielson, will come to Paris from the 27/10 until the 3/11 to work with Bridget and Eric. Training and working sessions on the topics of nutrition (with specific relevance to MetaCardis dietary methods and analysis), modeling, algorithms and data integration will be scheduled over this period.

This fellowship will facilitate exchanges between Danone Research and Chalmers University of Technology and will enable us to construct detailed models for the analysis of Metacardis.

Danone Research is one of the 14 partners in six countries involved in this project, led by Karine Clément (Inserm). As part of MetaCardis, detailed information on the dietary habits of subjects will be collected and dietary patterns and associations with gut microbiota and the host CMD risk factors will be investigated. Bridget Holmes from the Global Nutrition Department is leading this work, working together with Eric Verger (ICAN, Paris).

Contact person: Bridget Holmes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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